My (not so secret anymore) Weapon

Capturing moments in and around the shearing sheds, I have found, is a lot of the right place, at the right time. After working for many years in the shearing industry there is a bit of experience behind the timing that does get me in the right spot at the right time. However, for the shots where I want the sheep to do exactly what I want them to, I use my secret weapon.

Meet Fatty. This gorgeous specimen is my 8 year old bull mastiff. He lives a very easy life in the shearing sheds where he is not expected to do any sheep work, his job is to be my assistant. He quite simply needs to be by my side and work his magic when I’ve got my camera up to my face to earn his dog food for the week.

Images I have captured such as ‘shedded sheep’ would have been almost impossible without Fatty. He is quite a large dog weighing in at 50kg and although he has spent 6 years in the shearing sheds he is quite disinterested in sheep.
So, when a shot calls for all of the sheep to be looking at me, Fatty simply sits in front of me and cries. That’s right, no barking, howling or growling, my big tough giant cries.

I assume the sheep are confused, curious and possibly feel a little bit embarrassed for the big fella. But, despite his crazy methods, it works!


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