‘Small Sacrifices’

This image, ‘The Count Out’, had been floating around in my head for months before I was able to get it just right. There was a lot of procrastination on my part once I had figured out exactly where I would have to be to get this angle.

This image is from the shearing shed at ‘Tarwoona’, Texas. The shed is raised off the ground with the count out pens extended right under the back pens. What this means is that to get into the count out pens, I would have to crawl under the shed with the sheep waiting to be shorn standing on the grating above me.

So, I bite the bullet, grab my camera and head off under the shed. My commitment to this shot was pretty poor at the start, standing bent over constantly worried about getting a bit of dust on my camera. It became clear pretty quickly that this approach wasn’t going to work and that I would have to completely throw myself into this if I wanted it bad enough.

I really must have been a sight to see for the person counting out. I was on my belly lying in sheep droppings from the last decade and had dirt kicked in my face. The dirtiest part of it all though, was that I was I lay there knowing that this image was about to happen when I felt a stream of hot liquid spread all over my head, neck and trickle down to my back.

When I eventually emerged from under the shearing shed wet, dirty, defeated and smelling to the high heavens, I was asked what I had been up to. Oh you know, just getting another photo, same ol same ol.

Rush Hour

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