Peter Maher

Peter started out as a woolshed all rounder – rousy, classer and penning up. For five years he was happy in his job until he saw bigger things on his horizon and branched out to shearing contracting. He soon figured out that it wasn’t the shearing industry that was fueling his passion, it was actually wool.


Under the wing of Geoffrey Beath from Bryton Wool, Peter started his first operation in what he describes as a shed as big as a phone box. His clients were predominantly woolgrowers that he had worked for during his shearing contracting days.


Peter’s passion for wool kept on driving him further. He is a testimonial to his work life philosophy, ‘It’s not a job if you love it’.

His wool services now have a main focus on wool rehandling and his little phone box shed has expanded to a larger operation where he is able to blend, de cott, sort and press wool and turns bits and pieces left over from shearings into saleable lots. Peter is a valuable asset to our industry and his progressive attitude and forward thinking serves it greatly.


His ‘lock bag’ is a time saver in the wool room. An invention that was inspired earlier in his woolshed career and has now come to fruition. It is exactly what it sounds like. A bag that is tied around the wool table and catches all of the locks under the table as they fall out of the fleece under the table. When it’s full, simply roll the press up, unzip the sides and you’re pressing job is right there in front of you. No butts, no double handling, just efficiency. These lock bags can be purchased from Peter Maher Wool Services at Lower Rankin Street, Forbes.


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