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Kirsty Elms – Tour Assistant Extraordinaire

Meet Kirsty, The Truth About Wool Nationl Tour project manager and New South Wales road assistant. A mother, wife and full time career woman from Brisbane she selflessly pressed pause on her busy life to hold the first week of this mammoth journey together.


Smashing out 18 hour days and covering over 2000km, the last seven days have been physically and mentally demanding. There was a lot of work going on behind the scenes that my superstar assistant nailed that kept the tour running smoothly and kept my sanity intact.

Gear caddy, lens changer, contract executor, scribe, day planner, secretary, personal shopper, stylist, computer technician, nutritionist, financial advisor, photographer, videographer, journalist and most importantly my voice of calm and reason.

If I had to describe Kirsty for the last week in one word, patient comes to mind. I am overcome with gratefuleness for all her hard word and pride for the art and stories we created together this week. I can’t thank this amazing woman enough and will always credit her as being the savour of tour leg one.

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