‘Fairfield’, Forbes NSW

John and Robyn Dunkley are the woolgrowers from ‘Fairfield’, Forbes. It’s a family thing out there.

As soon as John left school he knew exactly what path he wanted to take in life – and it was paved in wool. John did the normal country boy thing, went to school and came back to work on his family’s farm. A simple concept that would see him starting his own sheep enterprise while most others his age were still wondering what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Working long days on the farm, John never had a single cent paid to him, instead his father paid him in wethers. From a young age John was learning how to see a bigger picture and plan for the future. Those valua ble lessons have served him well, he has now built his enterprise from a few sheep from his dad, to now running 1800 breeding merinos on Fairfield and 1100 ewes on his sister property for joining with xb rams and selling lambs.

Take a look around Fairfield and there is a ‘bigger picture’ feel to everything. To survive the collapse of the wool reserve price in the 90’s John and Robyn focused more on cropping, improvements are made to their woolshed every year to make a more efficient workflow during shearing, technologically advanced stock handling equipment have been purchased for safer animal husbandry practices and give Robyn and John’s careers as woolgrowers more longevity.

A visit to Fairfield will leave you inspired and thinking outside the box. Anything is possible if you are prepared to live by John’s philosophy in life, ‘Do what you do well, better.’

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