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‘Springfield’, Cootamundra NSW

‘Springfield’ has been a lifelong investment for Maurice Hicks, so much so that he knows every single pot hole on his 947 hectare Cootamundra property. It has never just been about growing wool though, it’s about nurturing his sheep and the land that he calls home.

Maurice Hicks & Lexi Cesninck

Maurice Hicks (right) & Lexi Cesnick (Moses & Son)

Springfield Landscape 2

His knowledge and his belief that great wool starts from the ground up sets a solid foundation for his flock. The stock rotation and cropping regime is so tightly monitored and well planned, his sheep are always kept on the highest quality, nutrionally rich feed possible from his pastures.

Springfield Wool

Opening up the fleece on Maurice’s ewes, the wool quality is pleasantly surprising. With a large, solid frame that has been referred to as a ‘dinner table’, it could easily be assumed that the wool has given way to sheep size – not at Springfield. A long, soft staple boasts a beautifully stylish even crimp. It is easy to see why Maurice has other woolgrowers on a waiting list to add his sheep to their flock.

Springfield Ewes 2

Springfield Bare Legged Ewes

Maurice credits his success to following his philosophy, ‘You just can’t stand still’. Somewhere inbetween perfecting his flock and constantly improving his pastures, Maurice has also found the time to be a registered woolclasser for over fifty years. A lifelong career in wool fueled by a love for the Australian merino.

Springfield Ewes

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