Timothy Coffee

Timothy Coffee

Timothy Coffee has been dealt a few tough hands in his life. Once paving his way as a body builder, his dreams were all but shattered when his health took a turn for the worst. Physically restricted and unable to lift what he used to, Tim took on jobs that were kinder to his body.

As a landscaper and later a bus driver, he always found himself wanting more. Something more physical. As the doors closed on his two former jobs – both were made redundant, he could easily have been forgiven for just throwing in the towel. Not Tim. His career path may have taken a knock but he still had a passion for lifting.

That’s exactly what he has found in the wool industry.

Timothy Coffee

Tim is relatively new to the industry but since taking up a job with Peter Maher Wool Services in 2016 as a wool rehandler and transporter, this former body builder has quickly found a new passion in life that not only pays the bills but challenges him physically.

Every day for Tim is now one big body building session. It’s nothing for him to lift two tonnes of wool in a working day and back up to do the same the next day. There is no air conditioning where he works in the tin resorting shed and there are no short cuts. It’s sweaty, demanding work and not for the faint hearted. If you are wondering why anyone want to do this? Just ask Tim and he will tell you –  ‘There’s nothing more rewarding than a hard days work’.

Tim plays a vital role in our industry and with his drive and love for his job I reckon he will be smashing his two tonne personal best in no time.

Timothy Coffee 2

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