Wendy Beer

‘Beersheba Farm’, Moorngag VIC

Australia’s only registered Drysdale Stud – Beersheba Farm, is nestled comfortably in the rolling green hillsides of Moorngag, Victoria. It’ just one of those places that make you want to pack up your life and get lost there forever. There is an air about it, it’s calm, kind and inviting. Much like business owner, Wendy Beer.

Wendy Beer

Take a walk through the paddocks with Wendy and she is the modern day Snow White –   to her sheep and border collies that is. They follow her wherever she goes. There is a mutual respect between Wendy and what could easily be described as her ‘pets’.

 Brighid & Bramble Beersheba Farm Flock

A mix of Drysdales, English Leicsters and Merinos are happily living at Beersheba Farm and inreturn for all of the extra care given to them, they are growing some pretty impressive wools.

Beersheeba Farm Wool

Wendy has such confidence in the wool she is growing that she scours and spins it herself (top making is outsourced) and creates her own yarns. In a world full of synthetics and faceless businesses, it is so refreshing to discover this single sourced yarn from a small sustainable flock in rural Victoria, grown and spun under the loving care of Wendy Beer.

Brighid Beersheeba Farm Pets

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