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The farm to fibre concept resonates deeply with the Crawfords. So much so that when their wool leaves their farm they know exactly where most of it ends up. Working closely with Italian buyers and leaving out the middle man, they have been able to physically see the end result of all of their hard work – a deeply satisfying experience for a woolgrower.

Sierra Park Merino Stud Fibre

Sierra Park Merino Stud in the Victoria Valley has been in the Crawford family for four generations with it’s fifth waiting in the wings. Although they may be growing traditional superfine wool (this wool type has been around since the early days of the Australian wool industry) they aren’t stuck in the past. In fact, they rarely stand still.

Bill Crawford
(Bill Crawford – Woolgrower)

There has been a large demand (and competition within the wool industry) to grow the finest traditional wool for many, many farming generations now. While the heat was on for this, the Crawfords nailed ultra fine woolgrowing and were producing a few bales of 12.8 microns from their woolclip for around ten years.

Sierra Park Merino Stud Ram Sierra Park Merino Stud

Although it may be a great feeling achieving those low micron numbers, these days, the Crawfords see no huge market demand for it, and that’s what they are all about. With their flock now sitting at 16.5 micron, they are diversifying their strategies constantly to make sure they are always moving forward.

Steve Kennedy - Sierra Park

(Steve Kennedy – Sierra Park Merino Stud Shearer)

Sierra Park is growing traditional wool, for the modern world.

Dot, Jack & Polly

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