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Tour Leg One – That’s A Wrap!

The first leg of The Truth About Wool National Tour has officially wrapped up!

Chant on Tour - Bundemar

Starting at Trangie, in the Central West of New South Wales and ending in the Western districts of Victoria, two states were covered, 20 farms visited and over 4500km travelled.

The tour was created to educate the world on our wool industry and give a bit of recognition to all of the people (and animals) who contribute. What I didn’t know when I started was that even I would be learning so much more about the wool pipeline and what drives people to dedicate their lives to our industry.

Chant on Tour - Aloeburn 2

One question that I always asked people I visited during the tour leg was ‘Why, of all the jobs in the whole world would you choose to work in the wool industry?’ EVERY single person included ‘Because I love it’ in their answer.

I have left feeling deeply inspired by the hard work, dedication and sacrifice made by all of those I came across. Every single person was living their own journey and not a single one standing still. If I had to sum them all up in one sentence it would be – wool is life.

I would love to be able to pick out one memory from the last three weeks that stood out from the rest that I could call my favourite. But, I simply can’t choose one.

Chant on Tour - Aloeburn

The landscapes constantly left me in awe and feeling blessed to live in such a beautiful and diverse country. The people I met inspired me to be the best version of myself – ‘do what you do well, better’ has resognated with me the whole time. I fell even deeper in love with wool and discovered breeds of merino that I never even knew existed. I wanted to take every single working dog I met along the way, home with me.

Thank you to all of the people who opened up their farm gates, homes and lives to me. I have enjoyed sharing your stories with the rest of the world and am incredibly proud to work alongside you in the industry that we love.

Chant on Tour - Ooma

To read all of the stories from the tour leg, view the gallery and purchase prints and canvases please visit

The tour will be travelling through New South Wales and Victoria again during September and October.

Stay tuned for the second tour leg starting on 21st March and landing in Western Australia!

(Photo Credits: Kirsty Elms)

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