She’s not special, she’s not even unique. She’s just a farm girl doing what she loves. At least that is what Chloe will tell you. But, if you ask me this young rural woman is nothing short of inspirational and just what our future wool industry needs.

Set deep in the wheatbelt just out of Kweda, WA is ‘Brooklands Park’ – Chloe’s 20,000 acre family sheep and cropping property. It’s also where she has chosen to settle with her family, partner and her ever growing furred and feathered brood.



Chloe left the family farm for boarding school in Perth (and hated it) and went on to study at Cunderdin Ag College. There were a few moves and different job titles for Chloe – stable hand, vet assistant, ringer but all the while she could hear her home calling her back loud and clear.



Now 29, settled back in at her home and working closely with her dad, Jeff, they’ve expanded their property and have kept their passion for woolgrowing alive and well (while surrounded completely by cropping neighbours).

The close relationship between Chloe and her dad translates perfectly when it comes to their professional synergy. The same outlook on the direction of the flock and open minds that bounce off each other prove to be a perfect recipe for the enterprise.


She’s doing not only the wool industry proud, but rural women everywhere too. Tell her that and she will just brush it off, this one is as humble as they come. There’s no special treatment expected for being a woman when it comes to Chloe, not even any celebration for her awesome achievements. She’s just getting on with the job at hand. The only challenge she faces as a woman in ag is her lack of testosterone fueled muscles. But, even then if she can’t lift it, that’s where a tractor steps in.

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