Danny Herbert from Tasmania may be in a little bit of strife with the wife when he returns back home from the mainland.

Making a quick three week trip over the Tasman from his home in Campbelltown, Danny was on a mission to pick up a mate and head back home. That was a couple of months ago now and he’s not quite ready to leave the picturesque sheep district of Northam, WA just yet.

He just  loves what he does. Taking up shearing at 21 he’s mastered his art. With a personal best of 302 sheep shorn in a day, it’s the physical side of the job that has spurred him on over his 20 year shearing career.

‘You gotta have reflexes like a cat cause they’ll kick your head off. You’ve gotta wanna sweat’.

It’s  tough work, but Danny lives and breathes it. It sure beats paying for a gym membership to keep fit.

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