Racheal Boyce has a tenacious work ethic and drive to provide for her family. So much so that this  has seen her waters break while woolhandling. Not once, but twice. Fast forward six weeks after giving birth and Racheal is back running up and down the board.

This passionate woolhandler has the shearing industry in her blood. The daughter of a shearer and sister of a woolclasser, she’s been following in her family’s footsteps since she was sixteen years old. Now, 29 and a mother, she is still in the sheds and throwing herself into her woolshed career.

It’s a balancing act for Racheal, but over the last ten years she’s got time management down to a fine art. With a bit of a helping hand from her family, she is raising 5 children under the age of 11, has become a well sought after woolhandler in her district and in the final stages of her woolclassing studies.

She is empowered, humble and one hell of a rural woman.

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