It’s a love thing out at ‘Tintara’, Boyup Brook and you can just feel it when you are there.

Walking around Tintara there’s a real homey feel to it. Friendly working dogs, sheep who come running when they sight you, cows mooing in the distance. And Ben and Esther Creek in total marital bliss.

Esther has one of those kind faces and a compassionate heart to match. Not from a family farming background, Esther has had to learn all of the many, many ropes of running a farm over the years. Her love for the land and even deeper love for her animals has seen her blossom in her new role as wife, farmer and rural woman.

Ben has been a great teacher for Esther when it comes to life on the farm and with his extensive knowledge of the land they walk, a pretty darn good one too.

Ben grew up farming, in fact he spent his childhood at the property he now runs with his wife. Passed down to Ben, Tintara has become part of their future too. Ask Ben why he has chosen to stay in the industry and he will tell you, ‘It’s part of you, farming runs through my veins. It’s a way of life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.’

While farming Tintara, Ben also runs his own agronomy business – Agrivise.

His qualifications as an agronomist serves his farm well. Take a trip with Ben in his landcruiser around the paddocks and the way he talks about the land and animals under his care mesmerizing. The science behind growing crops and nourishing sheep from the ground up fascinates Ben. Mix that with his compassion for animals and you’ve got a perfect recipe. ‘There’s nothing like growing fibre and seeing happy sheep walking around in the pastures. You look after the sheep and they look after you. ‘

Although both their hands are full with Tintara, neither Esther or Ben feel like what they do is just a job, because when you enjoy what you do, you never work a day in your life.

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