Scott Jones may well be the only one of his kind. He’s not only  a masterclasser but a biochemist.


You may be thinking how on earth could these two jobs work in together, well Scott reckons they intertwine perfectly.

Working in the woolsheds since 17, Scott knew exactly what he wanted to be when he finished school – a woolclasser. So, that’s what he did. Travelling across states following his woolclassing work, Scott had found a life he loved.

Then the wool market crashed.

So, he did what he had to do – hung up his stencil and jumped into university life.

His curious nature and thirst for knowledge about the science of all things naturally guided him towards biochemistry. His career as a freelance biochemist is one of solitude, a comfortable place for an introvert. But, Scott doesn’t settle for comfortable.

As a masterclasser  Scott is thrown right into a team environment. Every person in the shed is a cog of a well oiled machine and for it to run smoothly, team work is key. The perfect environment for Scott to break out of his comfort zone and push through the barriers of an introvert. As the wool team supervisor and the hands that make or break a wool clip, Scott’s got a lot on his shoulders but he’s got this.

You see, neither roles are just jobs to Scott but both are passions. Both are part of his journey of personal development.

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