Jess Parker 3


Jess Parker 3

Jess Parker, 20 has just started her wool industry career and she plans on staying.

While working at her local pub in August 2015, a woolhander walked in and offered her a job with NK Shearing, Benalla VIC. There was not much hesitation from Jess and she threw herself right in the thick of it.

She already had a little bit of woolhandling experience from her highschool days – taking a day off here and there to lend a hand in the sheds. She now works full time and is one of her teams most valued woolhandlers.

Jess Parker

Her sights are set on becoming a woolclasser and she is already well on her way there. With almost completing her Cert 2 in woolhandling when I met her, she was also learning the ropes under the wing of Jenny Daws, a respected local woolclasser.

She may be from a small town, but this young go getter has got big plans!

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