(Left to Right: Mostyn & Dean)

Perillup Estate was founded in 1961 by Mostyn Trotter. With no farming background to speak of, he threw himself into the thick of farming and has established a successful merino stud.

Starting out with Merryville Rams, Perillup Estate has made the shift into Multi purpose merinos and also into new hands, Mostyn’s son, Dean.

Not quite following in his fathers footsteps, Dean put in a bit of  time studying at Ag College. Pulling the plug before graduating, he went out and gained real life farming experience back at home and during his year abroad at a beef and cropping property in Canada.

Returning home for good after his overseas gap year, Deans focus was then the advancement of Perillup Estate and the injection of Multi Purpose Merino (MPM) into his flock (starting in 1996).

As the name would suggest, these sheep are not only producing outstanding medium wools but some pretty impressive carcass weights too. Meeting a demand in both the wool and meat markets. They’re also perfectly suited for Perillup Estate country.

High rainfall on the property may reduce feed concerns, however it provides other potential problems within itself. It creates the perfect breeding ground for blowflies and this is where the MPM’s really excel. Their bare breeches and straight bodies mean that fly strike is virtually non existent.

Once the sheep pass their weiner age, jetting is a thing of the past for them. Although saving on labour costs and time, it’s the welfare of the sheep that is of the highest importance. They are free to graze without the worry of fly strike, raise healthy lambs and in return are producing the worlds most versatile  fibre, wool.

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