Sheep have always been part of Richard’s Coole family and he is happily carrying on the tradition at ‘Glenerin’, Franklin WA.

There was never a hesitation for Richard about what he wanted to do with his life. As soon as he finished his schooling, he knew he was going to be a woolgrower and that he was going to do it well. Armed with tertiary studies and agricultural knowledge passed down from his father, Richard had laid solid foundations for his farming future.

Education is key for Richard and a heavy focus is on the science of his sheep make up, biology and animal health.  His stud sheep are DNA profiled and tested for their performance and diet requirements. Starting from the ground up, Richard is providing the best diets and mineral balances for his stock. Eradicating health problems before they even begin, his sheep are worm resistant and require no drenching.

His successful enterprise didn’t happen overnight and he warrants part of it to the influential people who laid the strong foundations of his agricultural career and are still advising him today.

Farm management consultant Bob Hall inspires him to think outside the square and seek out new, less labour intensive farm machinery. Farm advisor, Kevin Bell has Richard constantly setting better goals and taking his flock in the right direction for his future farming. Senior Vet, John Caulson has reinforced the importance of animal health.

‘There’s no right or wrong way to run sheep, everyone has their own recipe.’ For Richard there are a lot of ingredients that go into his, but the proof is in the pudding – successfully running 45,000 healthy, happy productive sheep.

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