Nathan Van Elk


     The Van Elk boys are walking in their dad’s footsteps and determined to carry on the family’s name in the wool industry.

Nathan Van Elk

(Pictured: Nathan Van Elk)

Nathan and Aaron have grown up in the woolsheds with their shearing contracting parents, Karen and Nick Van Elk. Based in the small rural Victorian town of Benalla, these boys have inherited their parents tenacious work ethic.

Van Elk Boys

(Pictured L to R : Aaron, Nick & Nathan Van Elk)

Aaron, like most shearers started his career as a woolhandler. Moving on quickly, he graduated from a shearing school and onto full time shearing in June 2016. Since then he’s been chasing numbers and (when I met him in Feb 2017) his first 200 sheep shorn in a day was right at his fingertips. His personal best sitting just seven short at 193.

Aaron Van Elk

(Pictured: Aaron Van Elk)

These big numbers may bring him a good paycheck at the end of the week, but it’s the travel and being able to work alongside his family everyday that has shearing pinned down as his lifelong career goal.

Much like his brother Nathan, who stands to inherit the shearing contracting business from his dad.

A little more advanced in his shearing career, Nathan has been a shearer for the last five years. After leaving school in grade ten, he was on the hunt for a good paying job and shearing came pretty naturally to him. So, after a quick little woolhandling stint he graduated to his own stand and has been there ever since.

Nathan Van Elk 2

(Pictured: Nathan Van Elk)

He’s smashed some big shearing goals along the way and on his biggest day (current in Feb 2017) pumped out a massive 260 sheep shorn in one day.

Under the wing of their father, Nick these boys have had solid foundations laid for them. Both clean shearers with gutsy work ethic they are the future of N K Shearing, and that future is looking pretty damn bright.

Nathan Van Elk & Joshua Kotras 2

(Pictured L to R: Nathan Van Elk, Joshua Kotras)

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