Meet Mia. Cute isn’t she? Don’t tell her that though. She’s a working girl, dedicating her life to penning up, guarding her ute and collecting bones.

Starting her life in Hay, NSW, Mia moved in with her family in southern Qld when she was still soft and cuddly. Destined for a life in the woolsheds with her shearer dad and woolclasser mum, there’s hardly been a time in her 6 years that she hasn’t been around sheep.

Starting in her shearing team at the bottom of the ranks, she was taken under the wing of the other team dogs and quickly learnt what this penning up gig is all about. She caught onto the ‘sheepo’ call with ease and where to stand in the pens. It was the whole barking at sheep thing that took a little longer to come.
Jumping over their backs, getting all up in their grills and putting herself in all the right places was all well and good but barking while working was all just a little too much. There was just a lot of running around from her and confused looks from sheep.

Fast forward twelve months and she got it.

She now sits firmly in the number one/number two spot in the team’s dog pack (all depending on whether ‘Fly’, the contractor’s dog is at work or not), has mastered her job and also has the attitude to go along with it.


As soon as ‘sheepo’ rings out through the woolshed, Mia bounds across the board, seeking out which pen needs more sheep. Keen as mustard to do her bit, but there’s a few working conditions that she absolutely refuses to put up with.

Men wearing blue shirts, aggressive voices, rams and puppies being in her personal space. No one, not anyone gets to go near her ute or come within a five metre radius of her while anything is being ingested, whether that be dog food, something that died last year and has now jerkied or a water bowl (if she owns it or not).

She’s demanding all right, she’s cranky and has some pretty outrageous working condition requirements. She’s even been called ‘that dog that doesn’t like anyone’. This sassy little girl is certainly one of a kind, you either love her or think she’s ridiculous. She probably wouldn’t care either way.

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