With less than a month until we become first time parents, we’ve gone and moved houses. In our true style though, there’s a little bit of a twist to it.

We are officially travelling gypsies.

Faced with the dilemma of where to live, there was months of frustrated conversations trying to find the best way to keep our growing family together. While I have kicked my woolclassing and any big photography commitments to the curb for the time being while I grow the finishing touches on our son and prepare to disappear into the land of newborn and exhaustion, Jas is still slogging away in the sheds, handpiece in hand, providing for us.

Being based in Qld, this means that Jas camps out (lives on site) during the week and gets a total of around 40 hours at home every week. So, pretty much single parenting, taking on a new mortgage, giving up my woolshed photography and living in a new town was hanging over my head. No thanks.

So, we bought a van. Not just for a part time home for during the week, but a full time home on wheels. Our lives have been spread between living in our ute, shearing quarters and a four bedroom farm house for the 12 years. In one weekend we condensed all of our ‘stuff’ into a 22 foot caravan and drove away into our new life.

I can’t really put into words how liberating it is to downsize so dramatically and just have the necessities surrounding me (the baby has more stuff than we do AND the biggest closet in the van), how daunting the thought of raising our first child in our little space can be at times, or how jumping out of my maternity pants crazy excited I am to be living a life of freedom, travel and adventure.

This van is keeping our family together, it’s keeping my camera in the sheds and will bring the next leg of The Truth About Wool National Tour on the road in 2019.

Who said normal life has to stop when you become a mum? Mine is just about to begin.

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