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Aaaand We’re Back


Do you remember when I attempted to travel right across Australia on a (largely) self funded road trip for my Truth About Wool campaign? I could never forget. It was some of the most fulfilling, challenging and liberating days of my personal and professional life. I miss it.

When I first started out on my cross country campaign I was incredibly ambitious in the thought that I could cover the entire wool industry and tell it’s full story in around six months. Financial strain took it’s toll after three (staggered) moths of being on the road with no income and I hesitantly and sadly pulled the reins on touring to return back home to pay off debt and have a decent crack at baby making.

Winter set in and before I knew it, I was pregnant! I had South Australia in my sights for my first trimester of pregnancy, but all day morning sickness and soul crushing fatigue kept me off the road and the tour came to a sudden halt.

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My pregnancy was just gross. I was uncomfortable, suffered from nose bleeds, nausea, reflux, dizziness, hip pain….. I could go on. The severe onset of eclampsia at the end of my pregnancy, gave me a birth that was absolutely horrific (see previous blog post – ‘Birth in the Bush’).

While recovery was slow and the first three months of my life as a new mum is just a blur, I have come out the other side, stronger, wiser and busting to start touring again.

So, I am! I have packed my family of four (that’s including our fur baby, Mia) into a 22ft caravan and The Truth About Wool National Tour is being revamped, relaunched and has a pretty cool twist to it.


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The 2017 leg of the tour was solo and accommodation, fuel and being away from my tribe took a heavy toll on me emotionally and financially. But, this time around I will have my little family and home with me. While Jas will shear for different teams, Trav and I will be out telling stories from the wool industry in the local area where Jas is based for work.

With the distraction of having to return home to my woolclassing no longer here, I can now fully invest my time and creativity into the tour and bring so many more stories, education and videos to the big, wide world outside of the wool industry. Live videos across social media will allow viewers to follow the tour in real time and give an honest look inside woolsheds and behind farm gates.

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You’ll meet woolgrowers keeping their family heritage alive, shearing teams committed to their professional standards of wool harvesting and businesses, brokers and wool buyers devoted to selling wool products. Big companies, quiet achievers and everyday people who can’t ever picture themselves in any other job than the wool industry.

From 1st October 2018 to the end of 2019, this will be my thing. I am The Truth About Wool and with a baby on my hip and camera in hand, I won’t stop until I’ve told the full story of Australian wool.

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We kick it all off from the Hay Plains next week!

To be a part of the tour and have your story told, please email me at

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