Crutching Trailers


Crutching trailers are well known across Australia for making a repetitive and laborious job, just that little bit easier.

A mobile plant that has been used in the far reaches of rural Australia, it goes wherever sheep need to be crutched.

Parked near a set of yards, the sheep are first brought in from their paddocks and wait to be moved up the line for their turn on the trailer.

Helped along by a penner-up-er and their trusty sidekicks, it is a full action, non stop job.

Front of the line brings them to the trailer, up the ramp and to the catching pens across from the crutchers.

From the stand to the pens is a just a quick skip and hop for the shearers, just enough for a brief straighten of their backs.

The side rail lets down and the sheep is taken to the stand, ready for a clean up.

While crutching 600 sheep a day  can be the norm, with the distance between the pens and stand taken out, combined with the fall down door, efficiency sky rockets and the time spent handling the sheep is minimised.


The wool is removed from the crutch (and sometimes their faces) to prevent fly strike and to help reduce the contamination of the good fleece wool during shearing.

Clean and happy, the sheep are sent on their way to join the rest of their crutched mob.

So what happens to the wool? Nothing is wasted! A woolhandler stands at the back of the trailer sorting the good wool from the stained. 

The sorted wool is packed into butts and set aside for pressing later.



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