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I have a vegan in my family. For years we have been accommodating her beliefs and lifestyle. We have supported her, gone without and adjusted our diets just to be in her presence. We have catered to her without a thought for our own life choices.

The more I advocate for wool, the more I am learning about the cult of veganism.

I see vegans from a place of understanding. To be so passionate about animals that you would change your entire lifestyle, invest so much time into researching and changing your diet and risk offending others just to be a part of a cause you believe in, is a courageous undertaking. There is a lot of compassion and heart there.

Vegans come from a place of kindness and are looking to do what’s right in this world. I see the slogan ‘give a voice to those who don’t have one’ everywhere. This drives them every single second of their day. Every single choice they make is one that the believe is compassionate towards animals. Leading their lives with their big hearts and commitment to veganism, has also left them open for manipulation and brainwashing by their cult leaders – the animal activist groups.

Activist group Aussie Farms is encouraging their followers to trespass onto farms and upload photos to their online map of the practices they document through photography and video. That’s exactly what I did, minus the trespassing part. I spent a month at a property on that map, photographed all of the farm practices at shearing time and uploaded it to the map. It was deleted within 12 hours.

My photography was an inside look into the workings on the farm. It was an honest documentation of what really goes on behind the farm gates. It covered shearing, prevention of flystrike, vaccinations against diseases like tuberculosis, trucking for sale to greener pastures and not abbatoirs, the safe handling practices of sheep and the financial investment by the property owners to keep their sheep well fed and healthy.

They weren’t interested in this. Documentation of the actual farming practices of a sheep property doesn’t serve their purpose. It won’t get them donations and growth in their foot army to serve out their agenda. There was nothing sensationalised to grab hold of more publicity.

Animal activists groups like this aren’t a charity, they are a business. They thrive on donations, blind followers and the gullibility of their kind hearts. No business would ever welcome any documentation that would harm their brand, which for them is veganism. So, like every other corrupt business, they dispose of it before it is harmful to them, before they are found out. No matter what it costs their fellow man, their followers or the wellbeing of animals.

If I was one of their followers, I would be offended.

Offended that while my group is going to extremes to éxpose’ industries and demand transparency, they are only showing me edited material that tugs so forcefully on my heartstrings that any extreme action I am asked to take, seems justified.

Offended that the size of my cult leaders wallet is more important than the actual wellbeing of animals and indeed the people who house/farm them.

Most of all, offended that they assume that I am that stupid.

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