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It’s All in the Genetics

Take a drive out the back of Stanthorpe, through the gullies and into Traprock country and you will find Peter Reimers 4200 ha woolgrowing property, ‘Pearsby’ nestled into the hillsides. This slice of prime wool growing country has been in the Reimers family for three generations, but is in no way behind the times.

Peter has been running Pearsby for 28 years and is now keeping with tradition and raising his own family, Georgia (13), Thomas (11) and Archie (6), on the farm he once grew up on, with his wife and specialist music teacher, Amanda.

While generational farming is still a proud tradition, the modern merino are raised and nurtured at Pearsby. Peter is an advocate for healthy, productive sheep beginning right at the start – with good genetics.

‘Being able to produce one of the best quality fibres in the world and breeding your own quality merino wool with softness and great lustre is very rewarding in our conditions. Through using the best genetics for what we are trying to achieve, we are able to have sheep that are 17.5/18 micron wool with very good length, very bright  and have good lustre and character. We are trying to increase fleece weights while maintaining quality. Our sheep’s wool growth rate allows us to shear every 8 months.’

Careful genetic selection not only allows Peter’s 6000 unmuelsed sheep to produce some of the worlds most sort after fibre, but it also ensures that the sheep selected have the ideal frame and will play a vital part in the future of his flock.

‘We aim for medium frame ewes with very good maternal instincts. They also have good fat coverage and do-ability.’ An all rounded approach to give the world what they are demanding, an ethically produced, superior fibre.

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