Honest Family Photography Workshops

Family is everything to me. After being born into motherhood in 2018, my values, life goals and what drives me has also taken on a new life. 

I now understand and experience true love every single day, the sacrifice of motherhood and importance of documenting our little worlds, before our memories of them start to fade around the edges. 

My family photography career has spanned across 6 years and has evolved with me and my life stages. This chapter of motherhood that I am living now, has made me very nostalgic for my childhood, aware of the raw power of women and the softness they keep for their family It has allowed me to finally let go of what everything is suppose to be like and embrace life and the little world I have built around me, for exactly what it is. I revel in the simplicity, messiness and bonds of family. 

This is exactly the same heart that I photograph other women and their families with. I am passionate about photographing, honestly and capturing real families. 

Come and join me at my Honest Family Photography Workshops to get your head around the technical side of shooting with your camera and allow yourself to let go and create wholeheartedly. 

These 6 hour workshops cover :

Directing families for unposed and honest connection

Super fast and tack sharp focus

Shooting in full manual mode 

Mastering natural light 

Creating perfect portraits that instill emotion

Intential imagery that is balanced and evenly composed

Bringing the right type of blur and the perfect amount into your images for a polished finished

Connecting with families and kids for unposed and natural moments in front of your camera

Editing in Lightroom

Shooting with purpose

Alongside all of this creative and technical goodness, you will also accompany me on a 1 hour live shoot of a local family for a real time experience of a family session.

You will learn exactly how I photograph a family to capture honest connection and the quiet moments that speak volumes.

These images are yours to use to kick start your portfolio or just to remind you of how much of a kick ass photographer you are after the workshop. 

This workshop welcomes everyone! I believe that documenting family life is incredibly important and when done well, it can instill emotion and bring future generations right back home.

Mums who want to take better photos of their kids or get in the frame with them more often, aspiring photographers looking for somewhere to start or looking for some family photog inspo, experienced photographers ready to take your family photography up a notch, or if you're just looking for an awesome day out surrounded by like minded creatives, as long as you own (or can borrow) a camera that shoots in manual, this is perfect for you!

Every seat to the workshop also includes:

My 25 page booklet that spells out everything you need to know about family photography and ensures that you won't go home and forget a single thing

Individual set up of every camera for easy and fast shooting

1:1 mentoring 

Exclusive access to the Honest Family Photography Workshops 

Lifetime 10% discount to all future workshops


Every workshop is fully catered and seats are limited to seven for a truly personal shooting and learning experience. 



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