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Growing up in the suburbs of Brisbane, a life surrounded by sheep and wool was the last path I ever expected to take in life. I've always been an animal lover , one of THOSE obsessive ones that help moths out of bath tubs or go out of their way to not stand on an ant trail. My feet have always itched and I would get claustrophobic staying in the one place for too long. That itch drove me to move from Brisbane to Outback Queensland and halfway back all before I was 23.
On the last move, I met two of the biggest loves of my life - my partner Jas (shearer, of course) and the wool industry.


Stepping into my first working woolshed was like one of those a-ha moments in life. Firstly, there were animals, big tick right there. There were sweaty shearers, the hum of handpieces, working dogs barking and throwing themselves at me for attention and that buzz in the air.  The atmosphere was alive.  I knew I'd stepped right into my future - the Australian wool industry.
From then on, I eat, sleep, walk, dream, talk, breath, live and love Aussie wool.
The last decade of my life has been dedicated to a career in wool, starting out as a green city slicking woolhandler to now a respected masterclasser. I walk the walk and talk the talk of wool. This is what makes my photography of the wool industry so much more than just a happy snap.
I tell the story of modern day wool, the people growing and harvesting our fibre, the sheep producing it and the lifestyle of the woolsheds. An industry spread right across Australia that has been logistically inaccessible to the rest of the world,  is now being showcased and celebrated in all of its glory.
Photography is a great joy in my life and has been the perfect tool for my Truth About Wool Campaign. You'll find me popping up right across Oz, camera in hand, telling the story behind our wool. 
The wool industry and my drive to document it, plays a starring role in my lifestyle, so much so that all of my personal and professional goals are always made around it. My first pregnancy was acted out while I was woolclassing and cooking for a shearing team. Now that my bouncing baby boy has joined us, he travels with his shearing family and is already living that Aussie woolshed lifestyle.
The wool industry has given me so much over the last 12 years and through my advocacy I am now able to give back to it. My grass roots story telling and childhood in the city allows me to be a trusted source of information and education to people living in urban areas and across the globe that are looking to find out more about why we do what we do.
I am addicted to wool and it's story. You might just be too once you immerse yourself in the industry through my perspective.

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