Wool Culture Photography Workshops

These one day (6 hour) camera basics workshops will have you turning that dial from Auto to Manual and shooting professional, polished images in just a few hours.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to lose that new camera smell, with hands on learning that is super easy to get your head around.

If you are, like I was when I first bought a ‘good camera’ and saying things to yourself like….

‘There’s something wrong with my camera, I need to get it fixed’

‘Why doesn’t the scene look as good in my photos as it does in front of me.’

‘The focus is way off’

‘I have no idea what I’m doing.’

‘What are all these buttons? Do I need to know all of them?’

….then these workshops are right up your alley. I’m self taught and I’ve made the mistakes. I’ve wasted thousands on gimmicks and gear I’ve never used. I’ve chucked tantrums and cried into many wines because I felt like I was never going to get a handle on my camera. I’ve wished that someone would just show me where to start with my camera so I can just get on with shooting what I love.

The Who, What, Where’s –

My life as a new age gypsy has me travelling right across southern Australia for 12 months of the year. One workshop will be run every six weeks, depending on where I am based at the time. No matter where I end up, the venue is always the same – a local woolshed. Once the workshop has wrapped up, you are then added to an online community of past students for further learning and sharing of your new skills.
To keep up to date where the workshops in 2019 will be held, visit my Instagram or visit your state below.
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