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Rural Culture Photography Retreats

There is no place like rural Australia and the beauty it holds in it’s diverse landscapes. The bush is home to our culture and the true Aussie spirit. 

With a career spanning over six years as a photographer and earning the title of ‘that girl who photographs sheep’, capturing the woolsheds, life in the bush and all the culture that surrounds, is where I am most at home. My transition into motherhood allowed me to have a deeper appreciation for family and a longing to capture the little worlds that we create for ourselves, simply and honestly.

The Rural Culture Photography Retreats bring together all of my worlds into weekends full of creation, learning and connection. Being a self taught photographer and spending a decade woolclasssing, constantly guiding and teaching those under my supervision, I pride myself on patient teaching.

Over two days, you will learn the creative and technical skills of  –

Camera basics that will fast track you into shooting in full manual mode (and leaving it there) 

Composing and balancing images for intentional shooting

Choosing perspectives for instilling mood

Setting the correct temperature and tones

Techniques and camera set up for super fast and sharp focus

Tracking moving subjects 

Mastering natural light and the golden hour

Motion Blur

Shooting techniques to add depth and texture to your images

Capturing connection and honest imagery of families and kiddos

Unposing families for authentic, candid photography

Creating and controlling lens flare 

Editing in Lightoom + Workflow




This workshop will also delve into -

Using photography as art therapy

Finding your why

Using your own life experiences to shape your imagery

The classroom is laid back and allows time for every question to be answered. Every technique and new skill, is put straight into practice with constant shooting and hands on learning, to get your hands around the buttons of your camera and really instill your new knowledge.


Live shoots will run throughout the workshop, allowing you to photograph inside a woolshed, yards, amongst the rural landscape, lifestyle shooting inside the home and the greatest shoot of the weekend – family life in the golden hour.

While this weekend retreat is big on kickstarting your photography, the seats available are limited to only  to nine to give you all the 1 on 1 guidance you need, photo critiquing and nurturing of your creativity. I have also kept the group small so we are all able to connect with each other and make it a worthy weekend away from your home, full of honest conversation, new friends and laughs.


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