• Chant on Tour - Aloeburn 2

    Tour Leg One – That’s A Wrap!

    The first leg of The Truth About Wool National Tour has officially wrapped up! Starting at Trangie, in the Central West of New South Wales and ending in the Western districts of Victoria, two states were covered, 20 farms visited and over 4500km travelled. The tour was created to educate the world on our wool industry and give a bit of recognition to all of the people (and animals) who contribute. What I didn’t know when I started was that even I would be learning so much more about the wool pipeline and what drives people to dedicate their lives to our industry. One question that I always asked people…

  • Seven Kisses

    ‘Aloeburn’, Boree Creek NSW

    Aloeburn has been in the Green family for four generations and is now run by husband and wife team,  Andrew and Jodie Green. Originally a Corriedale stud, Jodie and Andrew have kept up with the times,  due to consumer demand being  the driving force behind the direction of their flock. Aloeburn is now an SRS merino stud and a hands on property, nothing that happens on here is a coincidence, every single move is calculated and researched – they run a tight ship . That’s the only way it could work with their intense breeding and shearing programs. Every 3 months there is a main shearing, two joinings of ewes and…

  • Springfield Ewes 2

    ‘Springfield’, Cootamundra NSW

    ‘Springfield’ has been a lifelong investment for Maurice Hicks, so much so that he knows every single pot hole on his 947 hectare Cootamundra property. It has never just been about growing wool though, it’s about nurturing his sheep and the land that he calls home. Maurice Hicks (right) & Lexi Cesnick (Moses & Son) His knowledge and his belief that great wool starts from the ground up sets a solid foundation for his flock. The stock rotation and cropping regime is so tightly monitored and well planned, his sheep are always kept on the highest quality, nutrionally rich feed possible from his pastures. Opening up the fleece on Maurice’s…

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